Friday 17 May 2019

Kalkitos - Frogmen and Sunken Treasure

Letraset weren't the only company providing kids with rub-down fun in the 1970s. Gillette in Italy also produced a range of transfers called Kalkitos and they produced at least two sets with an underwater theme.

I haven't managed to find a copy of Undersea World yet but you can see it on the Action Transfers site. I was able to acquire Frogmen and Sunken Treasure to share with you so without further ado here it is:

(Click for larger images).

Once again I've used Photoshop to virtually rub-down the transfers!

I shall be keeping an eye on eBay so hopefully this won't be the last post on the subject.


  1. Hi Robert, Great site I was particularly interested in the Kalkitos transfers, I run a blog called John's Look-out, which covers the magazine Look-in (Junior TV Times), In the issue 30th September 1978, a set of Kalkitos was given away free, I'm going to be scanning this issue soon, and I like to, if I can, give a picture of the gift with the issue. Would it be alright to use yours, I'll give the blog a mention.
    All the Best, John.

    1. Thanks John. Please help yourself to any pictures that are useful. For anyone who remembers Look-in or is interested in British comics I can heartily recommend John's excellent blog!


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