Friday 30 April 2021

The Philatelists' Art of Diving - Wonders of the Sea

 This set of stamps from October 1994 was by first-time designer Charles Lynn Bragg. The launch ceremony took place in a submarine at the site of a shipwreck off Hawaii's Waikiki Beach. A set of the stamps was left mounted on the side of the wreck.

Friday 16 April 2021

The Art of Action Man Part One

If anyone wants to quibble about the title of this post, I know G.I Joe came first but I'm British and grew up playing with Action Man so that's what I'm going with!

Toy company Hasbro launched the first G.I. Joe action figures (not dolls!) in the USA in 1964. In 1966, Palitoy licenced the concept and launched the range in the UK using the name Action Man (the original G.I. Joe range was made up of the Action Soldier, Action Sailor, Action Marine and Action Pilot). Various diving outfits were made and I'm going to share some of the artwork used on the packaging.

The lovely artwork above was used on the original Action Sailor boxes and also for the Frogman outfit.

The artwork was also used in ads that appeared in boys' comics of the period:

Later releases featured new artwork as seen below:

Special Operations Frogman:

Underwater Explorer:

Underwater Explorer Film Unit:

Look out for part two where I'll share some artwork for the Deep Sea Diver outfit.

Sunday 4 April 2021

Happy Easter from The Art of Diving

 Strange as it may seem, there doesn't seem to be much easter-themed scuba artwork out there (I know, right?!) so a couple of bunnies is the best I can do!