Sunday 27 September 2015

The Arm of Diving

On a recent trip to St. John's in the Red Sea, one of my fellow divers was sporting the tattoo you can see below. I think it's a really effective design and particularly like the use of the blue ink. The artist is Jimmy Derbyshire who owns the Darkside studio in Hull. Thanks to Brent for letting me photograph his arm!


Saturday 26 September 2015

The Art of Pearl Diving

Pearl is one of Filmy's Girls, a series of pin-up style resin model kits produced by Marc Havican and his talented team of artists. I think it's pretty obvious why I'm featuring this particular kit! It's a really fun design and I love the attention to detail on the scuba gear. Kudos to artist Simon Eckert and sculptor Roberto Von Behr. There are many more photos of Pearl and the company's other models on their Facebook page.

(Click for larger images)


Thursday 24 September 2015

The Art of Escaping!

I must apologise for the lack of updates to The Art of Diving recently. Hopefully new posts should start to appear regularly again.

Here's a quickie to start with, from the pages of Express Weekly number 76, March 1956. This shows how submariners would escape from a stricken submarine. On the right you can see the SETT (Submarine Escape Training Tower), located in Portsmouth, which had opened in 1954. When I started diving this was a popular novelty dive for recreational divers but sadly I never got a chance to visit (my initial training had been at the nearby Horsea Island dive centre (the Defence Diving School) which is no longer open to the public). Submarine escape training ceased in 2009. 

(Click for larger image)