Tuesday 24 February 2015

Two of a Kind - Tom and Jerry

Here's two Tom and Jerry covers from 1963 and 1973 respectively. Artists unknown



Tuesday 17 February 2015

The Rugged Art of Diving

.(Sorry girls, but diving's for men. Rugged men. Grrrr! (August 1956

I don't know the artist I'm afraid but the cover was used again a few years later so I hope he got paid

Saturday 14 February 2015

The Romantic Art of Diving

Here's a selection of images specially chosen for Valentine's Day.

"Gladys couldn't help wondering if brandishing his spear-gun was George's way of compensating for his tiny...

...cylinders."  This Sylvia Sark novel was published by the Valentime Romance Club in 1957.

No information on these rather sickly Valentine's cards I'm afraid.

No romantically-themed entry would be complete without the eternal triangle of Archie, Betty and Veronica. Art by Dan DeCarlo, whose grasp of scuba equipment seems to have improved by 1988. (Click for larger image).


Tuesday 10 February 2015

The Adventurous Art of Diving

Today I'm going to feature some covers from the men's magazine Adventure.

The first three are by Mort Kunstler who also used the name Emmett Kaye. Now well known for his American history pieces, Kunstler previously worked on film posters, Mad magazine and Aurora model kits as well as magazines such as Adventure aimed at the discerning male reader.


As a bonus, here's a look at the original artwork for that last cover.


This next example is by Harry Schaare.


Sadly it seems that none of their "amazing undersea adventure photos" were good enough to go on the cover. Never mind, we get this smashing cover by an unidentified artist instead!


Wednesday 4 February 2015

Two of a Kind - Punchlines

A slightly tenuous link between these two pieces but I'm sure you'll indulge me! Both feature a final panel of scuba-diving that comes out of nowhere.

The first example comes from a 1974 issue of the IPC comic Whoopee! I believe the art is by Alf Saporito.

The second piece is from the first issue of Tower's Tippy Teen from 1965. Tippy has tried to show an interest in her boyfriend's car, leading to a series of disasters that culminate with the car at the bottom of the local lake. Artwork by Archie Comics' Dan DeCarlo, here doing a little bit of extra-curricular work helping out Samm Schwartz who had recently left Archie to help start Tower Comics. (Click for a larger image).