Sunday 13 March 2022

The Alliterative Art of Diving

 Avoid alliteration, always! Or so they say, but I'm embracing it for today's post.

1975. I don't know if Michael Eagle was responsible for the cover but I like it.

James E. McConnell, 1954.

In the late 70s, toy company Kenner was planning a line based on the Man From Atlantis TV series but the show's early cancellation put paid to this. They then planned to salvage what they could under the Scuba Squad banner but, despite featuring in a catalogue, the toys never made it into the shops.

Phil de Lara, 1957.

This one has the double-whammy with both the name of the comic and the story title being alliterative.

Jim Sharpe (1936-2005), 1971

You can read a review of Sea Scrape here. Biography of Jim Sharpe here.

Originally published in 1947, I believe this edition of Secret Sea dates from the 1960s.


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