Sunday 24 May 2015

The Art of Snorkelling

No scuba gear in today's images (well, just a couple of divers in one of them), just that good old breathing tube, the snorkel. (Some images have larger scans if you click on them).

This 1970 Beano cover is by David Sutherland, successfully ghosting the style of Dudley D. Watkins who had passed away a few months earlier. I love Biffo's crazy nose snorkel - it makes me laugh every time I see it!

Earl Norem painted this cover for the January 1968 Action for Men magazine. That poor couple are going to struggle retrieving all that gold just using snorkels. Not to worry though, it looks like a couple of scuba divers are coming to give them a hand! We know the chap is called Ryan but sadly his lovely companion doesn't warrant a name-check. I'm going to call her Sally. Nice bikini Sally!

This 1976 Agent X9 cover features private detective Rip Kirby who featured in a long-running newspaper strip from 1946 - 1999. The strip was originally drawn by Alex (Flash Gordon) Raymond who also drew Secret Agent X-9 from which the magazine took its name.

This painting by Enzo Sciotti is from the 1980 Italian sex comedy La Nena Cañón y Don Máximo el Ligon (aka La Liceale al Mare con L'amica di Papa). Prints are available to buy from the artist's website.

In 1978, Marvel published this adaptation of Jaws 2. I may feature some of the interior art in a future blog but for now you can enjoy Bob Larkin's cover painting. Larkin painted numerous covers for Marvel's magazine range as well as work for Warren Publishing and Bantam Books' Doc Savage paperbacks.

Finally, we have this wonderful picture of Calvin and Hobbes by the great Bill Watterson. It comes from one of the few items of official Calvin and Hobbes merchandise, a 16-month calendar from 1989-90.

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