Monday 1 March 2021

The Comrades' Art of Diving II

Just a quickie today - a couple more Russian book covers. No information on the artists I'm afraid but more striking designs from our friends behind the Iron Curtain. Well, they were behind it when these were published!

1968. I believe the title translates as something like "Man Under the Water." 

1977. I'm afraid Bing Translator failed me on the title of this one! (Update 23/3/21 - See the comment below).

I remember using the stippling technique seen here back in my Doctor Who fan days, producing illustrations inspired by the likes of Frank Bellamy and Chris Achilleos.


  1. First title: "Man lives under the sea", authors Borovikov & Brovko
    Second title: Literally "With aqualung in (or on) the abyss", Author Nekhoroschev... A better translation would probably be "With SCUBA in the depths"


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