Friday 26 March 2021

Inside the Wide World of Diving

 The diving features in The Wide World didn't always make the front cover but would still have very nice illustrations inside the magazine and I have a small selection to share with you. (Click for larger images).

Mike Noble is one of my favourite comic artists so I recognised his style as soon as I saw this piece:

You can see more of his Wide World illustrations here. I find it interesting that several of them feature a "rougher" style than I would normally associate with him but the one I've posted here looks much closer to his comic work.

This piece was split over two pages:

Thanks to Norman Boyd I can tell you that the artist on these next two pieces, both from the same article, is Cyril Holloway.

This final piece could be by Holloway as well.


  1. Cyril Holloway is the artist for image # 4 and I guess also #5. Well done on the Mike Noble.


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