Saturday 27 July 2019

Know the Art of Diving

The Know the Game series of books first appeared in the 1950s. They were originally published by Educational Productions Ltd with modern editions still available from the publisher Bloomsbury. They were usually produced in association with an official body as in the case of Underwater Swimming where it was the British Sub-Aqua Club.

The author was BSAC First Class Diver George F. Brookes with R.B. Matkin providing the artwork. My edition is from the mid-70s but the book was originally published in 1962. Here's a selection of Mr. Matkin's illustrations:

I'm sure most people could imagine what a check-up with a doctor would be like but Messrs Brookes and Matkin weren't taking any chances!

As it was the 60s of course they used a female to model a wetsuit! I'd imagine it was probably copied from a photo. I like the completely natural pose!

You can see a selection of 60s and 70s covers from the Know the Game series here.

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