Friday 1 July 2016

The Art of Diving for Younger Readers

Harold Hare appeared in a number of comics and from 1959 - 64 was the star of Harold Hare's Own Paper (later just Harold Hare) a nursery title aimed at younger readers. The strip below is from the final issue before it was merged with the long-running Playhour.

Gulliver Guinea-Pig seems to have been a popular character, with spin-off books and a board game featuring him, and later appeared in full colour in Playhour. Gordon Hutchings and Phil Mendoza were two of the artists to work on Gulliver but I'm afraid I'm not sure who drew the strip featured here (Click for larger images).

You can find out more about Gulliver Guinea-Pig at the excellent *Kazoop !! blog.

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