Friday 15 July 2016

The Art of Diving in Brass

Before we had scuba gear, underwater work often involved wearing heavy brass helmets that were fed from the surface. Here's a few covers featuring some helmeted heroes!

Ah, where would the Art of Diving be without the old "Diver attacked by Octopus" cover?! This Mr America cover from August 1953 is by Henry Luhrs (1897-1964). As well as being a fine-artist and an illustrator for Cosmopolitan, he also founded the Luhr Boat Company. Here's the printed cover and the original for you to enjoy.

Nowadays people probably associate the name Saga with holidays for older people but it used to be the name of a men's adventure magazine. I don't know the artist of this November '54 cover I'm afraid (Click for larger image).

Spider-Man creator Steve Ditko (b 1927) worked for Charlton Comics before and after his time with Marvel. This Out of this World cover is from 1959 and, once again, I'm presenting the original artwork along with the printed cover (Click for a larger image on the original).

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