Tuesday 14 June 2016

The Art of DIY-ving

Modern divers have it easy with a wide range of equipment available them, but back in the early days of diving many people made their own gear. This video takes a look at some of this early equipment and the magazines that showed people how to make it:

Here are the covers from some of the magazines featured in the video:

October 1952 (Click for larger image).

July 1953 (Click for larger image).

You can read this magazine online here.

June 1954. Cover by Geoffrey Biggs (1908-1971). Based in New York, British-born Biggs worked for a wide range of publications including Classics Illustrated, The Saturday Evening Post, Collier's, Liberty and Good Housekeeping.

This magazine can also be found online.

June 1960.

As a bonus, here's the Supreme Divers logo as seen in the video.

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