Tuesday 31 May 2016

The Art of Diving with Mantas

The Art of Diving is currently on holiday in the beautiful Maldives.

Yesterday, after 18 years of waiting, I got to dive with Mantas and I thought I'd mark the occasion with a couple of paintings.

Mort K√ľnstler painted this Adventure cover in 1955 and it appeared on the February 1956 edition. If I was the unlucky diver I'd be more worried about the clam holding onto my leg than the harmless Manta Ray swimming overhead but, sadly, they seemed to get some bad press back then.

Limited edition prints of this artwork are for sale on the artist's website.

Two years earlier in April '54, things were equally unenlightened as this John Floherty Jr Cavalier cover shows.

To balance out these negative depictions, here's a photo I took of one of these majestic animals.

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