Sunday, 8 May 2016

The Archie of Diving - Sunday Funnies

This time last year I was regularly checking the blog's stats to see if I could reach 10,000 page views before the first anniversary (as it happens, I missed by a couple of days). As the second anniversary approaches I'm pleased to say that we've already broken the 30,000 barrier with a couple of weeks to spare! As the blog covers quite a niche area of interest I'm delighted with the stats and hope I can continue to provide items of interest.

As I'm writing this on a Sunday, for today's entry I'm featuring a couple of Archie Sunday pages by Bob Montana, sadly only in black and white. Click for larger images.

August 19th 1962

July 7th 1968

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  1. very funny! I guess people in Archie comics were scuba fans, as the lot of scuba themed gags