Wednesday 9 March 2016

The Humorous Art of Diving - Shiner

As 1969 drew to a close, publisher IPC's line-up of comics lacked any real rivals to D.C. Thomson's range of humour titles. Whizzer and Chips changed that. At the time the mighty Beano and Dandy were 4d (four pence) each for 16 pages. Instead of competing at the same level, Whizzer and Chips gave readers 32 pages for 6d but with the gimmick that it was two comics in one (16 page Chips sat in the middle of 16 page Whizzer). This proved to be a success and the experiment was later repeated with Shiver and Shake and the football title Score 'n' Roar.

Cover star of Chips was Shiner who was constantly in trouble with his mum for getting a black eye. The strip was drawn by the prolific Mike Lacey (son of adventure strip artist Bill Lacey) who also produced work for Buster, Knockout, Monster Fun, Cor!!, Whoopee!, Jackpot, Shiver and Shake, Wow and Cheeky Weekly

This example from 1973 has a twist on the usual outcome and features a great cartoon octopus by Lacey. (Click for larger image).

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