Wednesday 16 December 2015

Speargun Special part 2

Part two of our look at spearguns and spearfishing.

This 1956 ad for Voit scuba equipment is typical of the times in featuring spearfishing, as can be seen by the cover of the U.S. Divers/Aqua Lung catalogue from the same year.

All the years I've been trying to impress the ladies and I never realised the secret was to dangle a dead fish in front of them! Mind you, things might have moved on since 1966.

Not sure why that diver is trying to spear that nice ray on B Knight's Ladybird Books cover from 1967. Bad diver!

The diver on this 1976 stamp from Grenada certainly has a long speargun. Must be compensating for something! And spearfishing obviously makes you go bald so don't do it! It's not worth the risk!


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