Tuesday 15 December 2015

Speargun Special part 1

I'm not a big fan of spearguns and spearfishing but there's no denying they've been a staple of underwater illustration over the years and I'll be showcasing some examples over the next couple of days. We'll start with some of the more humorous efforts.

This first page comes from a 1957 issue of The Topper. David "Davey" Law (1908-1971) is best known for creating Dennis the Menace in The Beano but he also created Beryl the Peril and later Corporal Clott in The Dandy. (Click for a larger image).

This 1965 Archie page was drawn by Harry Lucy with inks by Marty Epp. Lucey was the main artist on the flagship Archie title from the late '50s until the mid 70s. In this story Archie is having trouble with jealous boyfriends at the beach. (Click for a larger image).

George Gately's Heathcliff first appeared in American newspapers as a single panel cartoon in 1973. In 1985 he appeared in a series from Marvel under their Star Comics imprint aimed at younger readers. Gately drew a variation on this cover a few years later for the same series.

All I can tell you about the next two covers is that Cucciolo means "puppy". They date from 1956 and 1964 respectively. (Click for larger images).

Richie Rich was Harvey Comics' most popular character for many years and appeared in over 50 different titles. Although many of those were one-offs or short runs that's still an impressive feat. I'm not sure exactly what purpose those cylinders on Richie's back are serving on this 1968 cover.

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