Sunday 13 June 2021

I'm gonna get you sucker!

 Following on from this 2014 post, here's another selection of octopus encounters with the occasional squid thrown in at no extra charge!


1960s. Art by Ángel Mora.

1970s. I'm not sure if this one is also by Mora.

1969 (or 2069 according to the cover date on TV21!). Art by Frank Bellamy.

1961. Art by Russ Heath with wash effects by colourist Jack Adler.

Part of me wishes octopuses really did have eyes like this fella! Date and artist unknown.

1956. Art by Frank Soltesz.

1963. Possibly drawn by Al Smith.

1954 (?) English title: Beneath the 12-Mile Reef.

1962. From the feature page It Really Happened in Valiant. Art by Graham Coton.

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