Friday 24 April 2020

Look and Learn with the Art of Diving - How Man Breathes Under the Sea

Despite only taking up a single page inside issue 94 of Look and Learn (November 1963), the editor decided this look at how an aqualung works also warranted a cover illustration and I for one am glad that he did! (Click for larger images)

I was interested to see the manifold depicted here with a yoke/A-clamp on each cylinder valve as I've never seen one like that before, although I have seen pictures of that style of valve with the knob on the top. Here's a modern manifold as a comparison:

I'm not sure who provided the interior art but the cover was by Barrie Linklater (1931-2017). Born in Birmingham, he attended Woolwich Polytechnic School of Art and began his career with a London studio. I think this must have been the period when he produced work for Look and Learn. Following a four-year spell in Australia working as a freelancer he returned to London where he worked as a portrait artist.

In 1975 he was commissioned by the Welsh Guards to paint a portrait of HRH the Duke of Edinburgh. Prince Philip himself suggested that Linklater include his ceremonial horse in the portrait and then commissioned him to produce a painting of the Queen's favourite mares and foals as a gift for her Silver Jubilee. This commission immediately lifted him into the top tier of equestrian artists and 13 of his paintings are in the Royal Collection. His website is currently still active if you'd like to see more of his work.

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