Sunday 24 June 2018

The Comrades' Art of Diving - Techniques of Underwater Sports

I was searching on eBay and came across a listing for a 1969 Russian book about diving. The listing contained the following information:

"This is a book by P.P. Serebrenitsky. "Technics of Underwater Sports" in Russian with illustrations and hardcover. The book was published in 1969 in Leningrad, USSR. Size is 130 x 170 mm (5.1" x 6.7") and 463 pages. The book include many illustrations. Circulation is only 35 000!

About the technique of underwater sport. The description of the device and operation of sports underwater equipment and equipment is given. Provides information on the technique of diving and photography, underwater filming and underwater hunting. The basic laws of physics and physiology on which the person's stay under water is based are briefly reviewed, information on possible specific diseases, prevention, first aid and safety precautions is given, and data on techniques and techniques for training swimming on water and under water are given."

This illustration seems to show a rather elaborate device for underwater navigation.

At first glance I thought this page showed rescue techniques but now I'm thinking it's showing in-water combat!

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