Sunday 4 December 2016

Operation Penalty

Try as I might I couldn't come up with a title for this blog entry. I must be losing my touch!

Raymond Reding (1920-1999) was a French-Belgian artist and writer. He created a number of different series, often for Tintin magazine, several of which had a sporting theme. Jari was about a young tennis apprentice while Section R featured two former athletes who worked as investigative journalists in the world of sport. Footballer Eric Castell is his most famous creation but his first football hero was Vincent Larcher who appeared in Tintin from 1963 - 1971. I think the story featured here comes from the end of the run and it was reprinted in album format in 1975. There's mention of treasure and a time-bomb but as to what exactly is going on, you're on your own I'm afraid!

Thanks to Chris for once again providing the scans (Click for larger images).

Ooh! I can just about remember enough of my school French lessons to work out that their boat is called the Dog's head!

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