Sunday 21 June 2015

The Archie of Diving - Fool$ Gold!

This story was originally published in Jughead #147 from 1967.

I've studied it closely but I can't quite work out what exactly Jughead's kit configuration is! I doubt that artist Bill Vigoda expected it to come under particularly close scrutiny and why would he?! GCD lists George Gladir as a possible writer for this story.

Perhaps unusually given the subject matter, the story doesn't feature any scenes set under the water.

Samm Schwartz was working for Tower Comics when this was published and art duties during this period were largely handled by Bill Vigoda (1920-1973), brother of actor Abe (The Godfather, Barney Miller) Vigoda. Bill was a writer as well as an artist and spent most of his career at Archie Comics although he also worked in advertising.


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