Sunday 7 December 2014

The Archie of Diving - Bob Bolling

It's feast or famine here at The Art of Diving. I was too busy to post anything last week but today I'm bringing you three new posts to make up for it!

Today's third and final post features a story from Archie Giant Series Magazine #150 -  Archie's Christmas Stocking which was published in 1967. As with many Archie stories, it centres around the eternal triangle of Archie, Betty and Veronica (click for larger images).

Interestingly, artist Bob Bolling gives Betty a single hose set-up in contrast to the twin hoses of the others. However, in the second panel of the page below, Betty, seen from behind, seems to suddenly have twin hoses.

Bob Bolling (b1928) began working for Archie Comics in 1954. It was felt his style was better suited to drawing small children and, after some time working on Pat the Brat, he was asked to write and draw a new feature called Little Archie featuring the regular Archie cast in their younger days. In the late sixties, after receiving tips from fellow artists Dan DeCarlo and Harry Lucey, he began working on the regular Archie titles, usually working with writer Frank Doyle. In 1979 he returned to Little Archie as writer-artist and a few years later took over Archie and Me, a book centred on Archie and the school principal, Mr Weatherbee. His later work included new stories for the range of Archie digests.

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