Sunday 14 February 2021

The Philatelists' Art of Diving - The Cayman Islands

 It's a long time since I featured any postage stamps on the blog so here are some from the Cayman Islands. 

The first one dates from 1967 and was from a set of four. The other three also featured water-based activities: water-skiing, sport fishing and sailing.

This miniature sheet contains a set of four stamps that were issued in 1977. I'm not sure about their use of  the "Shatter" typeface on these but then it was the '70s!

This next example is also from a set of four which was issued in 1981.

Unfortunately this is the best image I've been able to find of this 1998 stamp, again one of a set of four.

This final example is from 2009 but features an earlier design from 1997. You can find a better image in this earlier post.

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