Thursday 1 January 2015

The Humorous Art of Diving - Simple Spyman

After the Christmas break, the Art of Diving is back to kick-off 2015 with three new posts.

Today's final post features Simple Spyman who appeared in the boys' comic Cracker, launched by D.C. Thomson in 1975. This strip is from the first issue and is drawn by Bill Ritchie (1931-2010). (Click for larger image).

Ritchie is probably best known for drawing Baby Crockett in the Beezer from 1958-1990, almost the entire run of the comic. He also drew the character in stories for younger children in Bimbo and Little Star. His other work included Sparky cover star Barney Bulldog and the Beezer's Smiffy. After his retirement in 1990 he continued to draw cartoons for The Weekly News.

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