Tuesday 16 September 2014

The Impractical Art of Diving

We've already seen in some of my previous entries that artistic licence, coupled with a (possibly) tenuous grasp of how dive equipment works, can lead to some rather odd-looking dive gear. Today I'll highlight a few more examples.

I suppose if your going to have birds scuba diving then all bets are off when it comes to how their equipment would actually work. I'm not sure of there's any connection between these characters or if the similarities are just a coincidence.

From 1976, Cracky is the parrot. His companion is called Mr Kaws.

Date unknown.

You'd think Richie Rich would be able to afford a proper full-face mask! (1982).

Rollo was another little rich boy whose working-class friend was the rather oddly named Rock, a young girl who made him laugh and thus was tolerated by his snobby parents. I don't know how practical Rollo's mask is but, strangely, I find myself wanting one! From 1957, this is the only cover in the series not signed but I'm assuming it's also by Frank Johnson (Click for larger version).

In the eighties, Marvel launched their Star line aimed at younger readers. Now, if you're Chuck Norris I guess you have to be ready for a scrap at a moment's notice, even when diving, but not having any fins must make swimming around a bit of a pain! Art by Alex Saviuk (1987).


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