Friday 20 June 2014

The Inaccurate Art of Diving

This blog features the work of many talented artists but sometimes they don't get things quite right when it comes to diving.

I'm a huge fan of Archie artist Dan DeCarlo but he had a habit of drawing hoses coming directly out of cylinders as shown on this 1964 cover.

This 1965 example risked incurring the wrath of instructors everywhere by referring to flippers instead of fins!

Steve Dillon must have used some old reference material when drawing The Punisher back in 2003 - no BCD, no octopus, no gauges - but the reason these panels are featured here is that mask. Ouch! Mask squeeze!

I know she's not wearing scuba gear but that's no excuse for Marc Silvestri drawing Lara Croft with her snorkel on the right. What do you mean, you didn't even notice the snorkel?!

Now I don't want to upset any Americans reading this but can I just point out that it's aluminium!

Finally, everyone knows that large, green monsters have five digits on each "hand", not the four shown here! (Okay, this was just an excuse to show this gorgeous Wally Wood cover from 1967).

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