Monday, 18 February 2019

L'Art de Plongée - C'est cet Homme à Nouveau

It's that man again! I thought I'd collect my remaining images concerning scuba pioneer Jacques Cousteau. Let's dive right in... (sorry!)

We'll start of with two editions of Le Monde du Silence (The Silent World)...

Robert Conjat.

J.P. Ariel

This piece is by Italian illustrator and comic artist Sergio Toppi (1932-2012)

Next we have French and Spanish posters for Le Monde Sans Soleil (World Without Sun)

Artist Darigo also produced posters for clients such as SNCF, Loterie Nationale and Philips. (Click for lager image).

Variations on the artwork for the Spanish poster appeared in various territories.

Two commemorative stamps now. I think these speak for themselves.

This card was given away with Brooke Bond tea in 1973 and was part of the set Adventurers and Explorers.

This next piece is a warning against the dangers of alcohol. After a brief summary of Cousteau's career we're told that he remains sober and that alcohol is deadly to divers! A tad extreme perhaps but the Art of Diving does recommend against drinking and diving.

Finally, this Jughead cover doesn't actually feature Cousteau but I thought it was worth including here. Art by Stan Goldberg. (Click for larger image).

Thursday, 14 February 2019

The Loved-Up Art of Diving

This time last year I assaulted your eyeballs with a selection of vintage American valentine cards and I'm sorry to say I've found some more! Only two this time so count yourselves lucky!

The second card fits nicely with our feature presentation - a romantic Archie story that appeared in Laugh in 1990. Long-time Art of Diving followers might remember a similar story with the same title that I featured back in 2015. At least writer George Gladir was recycling his own work! Pencils by Stan Goldberg and inks by Rudy Lapick who had also worked on the original Marcia story back in 1962. (Click for larger images).

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

The Rub-Down Art of Diving

Browsing eBay recently I came across someone selling original Letraset Action Transfers and I couldn't resist buying one of them. I remember buying various sets back in the day although I don't recall if I ever had Underwater City. (Click for larger images).

Although I opened the packet so I could scan the contents, I didn't want to actually use the transfers. Thanks to Photoshop (other image-editing software is available) I've been able to create a virtual finished product:

Underwater City was one of the twelve original Action Transfers sets that were launched in 1969. Earlier products had been available but this was the first time the name Action Transfers was used.
In 1965 some larger format "Panoramas" had been launched. These originally had black and white transfers but were later re-issued with colour versions.

You can see more about Action Transfers here and can see the original Ocean Deep Panorama here.

In 1974 a range of Mini Action Transfers were produced and included a set called Deep-Sea Exploration.

I also saw this Action Man Military Panorama set on eBay but sadly it was beyond my price-range.

Saturday, 5 January 2019

The Wide World of Diving

Here are three more covers from The Wide World magazine. Only one of the artists is credited and unfortunately I haven't been able to find out anything about them.

(Click for larger images).

This one has an interior illustration which I had to share so here's a diver punching a shark! As you do.

This cover is credited to "Langhammer".

I wonder if this diver is saying to himself, "Mine! All mine!"?!

Sorry, I'll get my coat.

Monday, 10 December 2018

The Boozy Art of Diving

The last Art of Diving featured Russian divers in the old brass helmets and, at the risk of stereotyping, I'm sure they'd approve of the theme of this post!

Here's a selection of diving-themed ads for various alcoholic products. As ever, the Art of Diving recommends that you do not drink and dive!

1910. Artist unknown but the poster was produced by the famous printer and lithographer F. Champenois.

1938. Artist unknown.

1950. Artist unknown.

1954. Painted by Robert Smullyan Sloan.

Just to show it wasn't just "Deep Sea Divers" who liked a tipple! 1956. Painted by Richard Deane Taylor.

1957. Artist unknown.

1968. Artist unknown.

Saturday, 8 December 2018

The Comrades' Art of Diving - Underwater Masters

This post features another Russian book that I saw on eBay - Underwater Masters by K. Zolotovsky. This is what the seller had to say about the 1958 publication: "This book is about the work of Soviet divers during the war and in the days of peaceful construction. The author - a diver in the past - tells about various cases from the life of "underwater masters", sometimes funny, and sometimes tragic."  

Friday, 7 December 2018

The Persuasive Art of Diving

Today's blog features a comic-strip based on the TV series The Persuaders! It appeared in the pages of  Polystyle Publications' TV Action (formerly Countdown) in 1973. The Persuaders!, perhaps best remembered for John Barry's atmospheric theme tune, was one of the long line of  ITC adventure series and began its 24-week run in September 1971. It starred Roger Moore as Lord Brett Sinclair and Tony Curtis as oil millionaire Danny Wilde, two playboys who, reluctantly at first, become partners in a series of adventures. Moore's casting as James Bond prevented a second series being made.

Deadly Treasure only features diving in the first two instalments before taking a slightly barmy turn. However, I felt it would be unfair not to let you read the whole story and our heroes do remain in their wetsuits and fins for the duration of the tale!

The artwork is by Spanish artist José Ortiz (1932-2013) who worked for publishers in Spain, Italy, the UK (Fleetway/IPC) and the US (Warren). You can read more about him and see more samples of his work over at the Lambiek Comiclopedia.

And now, on with our tale! (Click for larger images).